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This is a blog dedicated to my beautiful daughters, Ella and Emerson. Emerson was diagnosed with a rare, genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome when she was 5 months old.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Love Bug

We ended up having a rough couple of weeks. Emerson continued to be sick and ended up with a double ear infection. She was put on Augmentin and I think it gave her a gassy stomach because she was a grouch for over a week. She is finally better and back to her normal, loving self.

We had our cardiology appointment last week and Emerson was also scheduled for a sedated echo. After reviewing her charts and listening to her heart, her doctor decided to forgo the echo until next year. She sounded great and felt that it was unnecessary. That was great to hear. I had been worried because while Emerson was sick she had one instance where her lips and feet were purply-blue in color. We panicked and were about to take her to the ER when we slowed down and decided to make sure she was warm enough because she was cold and shivering when it occured. Well, within 15 minutes she regained her color. The Cardiologist told me in a technical way that she was just cold and there is nothing in her heart condition that would cause this. I was very glad I didn't go to the ER.

Emerson is doing so well lately and is taking so much in. I keep telling Brian that I feel Emerson is on the brink of doing such "great things". She is taking 6-8 steps in between objects and I can tell is on the verge of communicating more with us. She adores her Daddy and follows him wherever he goes and wants to be held and loved-up. She loves her neck to be nuzzled and we can pull her out of any cry or semi-temper tantrum with a quick nuzzle. Speaking of temper tantrums, this is new for her. Lately, if she doesn't get what she wants she lets out the shrillest, loudest scream that you have ever heard. My OT witnessed it and asked me how I handled it. I told her that if I picked her up, it stopped. I got a quick reality check from her she asked how that would work for me when she was 10. So now I am trying to ignore the behavior, walk away, and not give in. Tough to do, but the OT managed to scare me.

Here is the latest video of Emerson with her beloved rocking horse. This video shows how much she is growing, learning, and above all, what an absolute sweetheart she is. She is my heart and I think you will see why.